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VERA - ITV Studios. WOLFBLOOD - BBC TV. MRS BIGGS - ITV Studios. 4 O’CLOCK CLUB - BBC TV. CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - Second home studios. BUNNYTOWN - Disney. THE HOOBS - Jim Henson Co. DIESEL MAX land speed record launch - JCB. TREE HOUSE INTERIOR - Alnwick Castle Garden. HOLLYOAKS -  Mersey TV. ROLLS ROYCE video set - Ear productions. EXHIBITION STAND - SRS Technology. JAMIE OLIVER KITCHEN - Peggenpohl. NORTHERN LIGHTS -  Granada TV. SCALE MODELS world wide exhibition - JCB. A TEMPEST - Nottingham Playhouse. BODIES - Hat Trick Productions. MY FAMILY - BBC TV. CLASH OF THE SANTAS - Granada TV. FLUTTER medical props - Flutter Films. WIRE IN THE BLOOD - Coastal Productions. STARS IN THEIR EYES - Granada TV. SURVIVORS - Unique TV. DISTANT SHORES - Granada TV. BEAUTY & THE BEAST masks - New Victoria Theatre. PILSNER COMMERCIAL - Second Home Studios. HALLOWEEN THEMEING - Tussauds. EXHIBITION SETS & PROPS MAKES series of 6 in Europe - JCB. MAX AND PADDY - Phil Mcintyre Productions. EXHIBITION Munich - JCB. PEAK PRACTICE props & prosthetics for 5 series - Carlton TV. BARBARA - BBC TV. SHERLOCK HOLMES - Granada TV. TOMS MIDNIGHT GARDEN - Birmingham Stage Co. THE GRIMLEYS - Granada TV. MAD FOR IT - Carlton TV. KISS ME KATE - BBC TV. SCIENCE PROGRAMME - Discovery Channel. ALTON TOWERS themeing - Tussauds. TILLY TROTTER - Festival Films. CORONATION STREET - Granada TV. FRANKENSTEIN THEMED PUB - Inkprints. WYRDSISTER - Global Arts Productions. BLUE DOVE - Carlton TV. CITV SET - Carlton TV. PRESS CONFERENCE Set Paris - JCB. YEAR OF PROMISE photo shoot - Carlton Picture Unit. DANGERFIELD - BBC TV. SEX AND DEATH - Hat Trick Productions. PILSNER POSTER CAMPAIGN - Second Home Studios. HOLIDAY MARKET EXHIBITION - Co-op Travel. WHERE THE HEART IS - Granada TV. UNDERWORLD - Hat Trick Productions. ACHEMA EXHIBITION Frankfurt - Robbins Meyer. WIZZIWIG - Carlton TV. PROPS AND MASKS - Royal Exchange Theatre. EXHIBITION - Swedish Electricity. THE PEPSI CHART - Initial Film & TV. TV COMMERCIAL - Eon Media. TWENTY FOUR SEVEN - Scala Productions. PRINCES FOODS exhibitions - Monitor Media. ALCOHOL AWARENESS VIDEO - Corona Films. CROSSROADS - Carlton TV. TV COMMERCIAL - Gate Films. PRODUCT LAUNCH - JCB. MY WONDERFUL LIFE - Granada TV. TOUCHING EVIL - Anglia TV. PROMOTIONAL EVENT - RGA Associates. POLTERGUESTS - Carlton TV. SPACE CADETS - Scottish TV. THE GRAND - Granada TV. GHOSTS OF FAFFNER HALL - Jim Henson Co. RECYCLING EVENT - JCB. PRODUCT LAUNCH - Second Home


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